About Inventor

Hi. I am Umair and I am an observer, music-lover and a dreamer. Nature Gadget initiative is an outcome of long hours of reading, sleeping, sipping tea, thinking and reflecting on the magical processes of nature. These gadgets are product of perpetual curiosity. Love, laughter, music, dissent, philosophy, longing and sarcasm have remained important to me and formal education helped along the way. I have been fortunate enough to endure circumstances in life which forced me to seek unfamiliar connections between familiar events. I hope, where most of you find these gadgets inspirational and fulfilling as work of art, some of you will go through them more objectively. Because I try to add as much information to my lines as possible. These drawings are not whimsical concepts by any measure.

Stay curious, work hard and never stop trusting human spirit. I hope this website will inspire you all generally, and will serve those of you particularly well who have interest in biomimicry.

Yours truly,
U. Z. Malik